Tai Chi Caledonia


Tai Chi in Caledonia 2015

Shapes of Balance

Very busy summer is waiting for me this year. I go after my summer Tai Chi camp with advanced students for international Tai Chi meeting, Tai Chi Caledonia. I’m invited to teach there on one of the workshops.

Tai Ch Caledonia will be from 17th to 24th July 2015 and this year is special. The meeting in Scotland has a long tradition in Europe. This year is the 20th anniversary of Tai Chi Caledonia and  the 20th anniversary of The Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe.

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Thomas Nowakowski Shapes of Balance Studio


Shapes of Balance Studio – You Tube

Shapes of Balance

I have a channel on YouTube, Thomas Nowakowski Shapes of Balance Studio. It is a part of my larger project. I publish my films there.

Thomas Nowakowski Shapes of Balance Studio link:


A film from one of my regular workshop in London, for example:

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Ward off in “Moving Hands Like Clouds”


Shapes OF Balance

Shapes of Balance

The Tai Chi Forms, even the simplest, are the composition of movements created by thirteen fundamental ways of the force emission, known as “Thirteen Fundamental Tai Chi Forms” or “Thirteen Basic Tai Chi Forms”.

For example, in the form “Moving Hands Softly Like Clouds”, we use the most time “Ward Off” force in the site step. This version of the form is more popular and better known to Tai Chi practitioners.

Although the form “Moving Hands Softly Like Clouds” is possible to performance different way with clearer emphasize of spiral movement of “twisting” force. We use in this case different type of the force emission, “Roll Back”. Second most important of 13th fundamental Tai Chi forms after “Ward Off”.

It is also possible to use different legs’ work by using different positions and steps. For example: “Bow Position”, different types of steps and directions of the movement. The form can be practiced…

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Tai Chi Caledonia


Refleksje o Tai Chi

Jak co roku, lato jest dla mnie okresem intensywnej pracy związanej z uczeniem Tai Chi. Za kilka dni rozpoczynam dwutygodniowy kurs letni z zaawansowanymi praktykami naszej szkoły.

A od 17 lipca do 24 lipca jestem zaproszony do prowadzenia warsztatów w czasie międzystylowych spotkań Tai Chi Caledonia 2015.

Spotkania Tai Chi Caledonia odbywają się w Szkocji od dwudzestu lat. Uczestniczą w nich praktycy Tai Chi z wielu krajów i z różnych stylów.

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